Spray Molybdenum Wire

Black Molybdenum Wire Picture

Molybdenum is high-wearing feature and stand wear and tear material so it became indispensability metal spraying material. Molybdenum wire’s thin layer coating can apply in car mechanical elements such as piston ring, simultaneous observation loop, shift element to improve the surface abrasive resistance. Spray molybdenum wires also can maintain car’s mechanical elements when they suffer from wear and tear such as piston ring, gearbox synchronizer parts, selector fork, machine part and so on. For example, spraying molybdenum wire on bearing, surface coating can provide adhesion cause bearing shell and bearing lack steel layer adhesion and in the middle there is not molybdenum layer.

Molybdenum wire production processes:
Molybdenum wire can classify by molybdenum application such as spray molybdenum wire, cutting molybdenum wire, electric light source molybdenum wire and so on. Molybdenum wire precessing plant usually use ammonium molybdenum or higher pure molybdenum oxide as raw material and the production processes are as follow:
1. Molybdenum powder producing: use ammonium molybdenum and high pure molybdenum oxide as raw material to produce molybdenum powder.
2. Molybdenum rod producing: after isostatic pressing molybdenum powder sinter at high temperature to produce molybdenum rod.
3. Thick molybdenum wires: the molybdenum rod after high temperature rolling process become 5-6mm thick molybdenum wires.
4. Fine molybdenum wires: the thick molybdenum wires according to customer requirement after once or several stretch to produce fine molybdenum wires.