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Clean Molybdenum Wire

Black Molybdenum Wire Picture

Molybdenum wire is regular black and surface covered with graphite. After graphite removed it is metallic luster. Clean molybdenum wire mainly use as grid electrode, lifting hook, fulcrum bar, core wire and cross line of electric light source.

Clean molybdenum wire characteries:
1. Surface cleanliness, without graphitic layers and molybdenum oxide layer which is good for keep good condition of discharge channel reducing broken wire, piebaldness and other phenomenon to improve the stability of wire-electrode cutting.
2. It has high tensile strength and low elongation which can stand high-strength and discharge impact when apply in wire-electrode cutting and improve cutting quality.
3. Less internal stress, it is straight or cyclic shape which is uneasy tangle up and easy to operation.
4. Work starts quickly, after setting the wire can quick start the work to improve the use ratio of wire-electrode cutting.
5. Clean molybdenum wire has long working service life which is good for reducing wire-electrode cutting cost and reduce waste liquid discharge as well.

Clean molybdenum wire packing specifications:
The molybdenum wire the diameter is less 0.4mm after drying roll in the bakelite or plastic axle. Seal it with flint-glazed paper and then put it into paper box or plastic box. The molybdenum wire the diameter is larger than 0.4mm rolling to wound coils and using building paper or plastic cloth to tightly seal.