Properties of Black Molybdenum Wire

Black Molybdenum Wire Picture

Properties of molybdenum wire:
Excellent conductivity of electricity
Resistance of high temperture
High melting point
High oxidation
Erosion resistant

In order to separate black molybdenum wire from other types of molybdenum wire, the properties of other molybdenum wire is presented:
High-strength molybdenum wire: It has high tensile strength, good wear resistance and long service life.
Cold-drawn molybdenum wire: By using cold-drawn production technology, it has high strength, smooth face and good quality.
Specified length of molybdenum wire: Except for the characteristic of high strength, it also has the features of fixed length, convenience and high utilization rate.
Special wire-cutting molybdenum wire: Due to the addition of elements, it has higher tensile strength, better wear resistance and longer service life.