High Temperature Molybdenum Wire

Black Molybdenum Wire Picture

High temperature molybdenum wire carbide furnace is kind of continuous molybdenum resistance wire heating furnace. Tungsten powder and carbon black are putted into graphite boat from the front furnace door push-in through high temperature furnace tube to carbonize. After necessary technology time form the back furnace door to get the products. This equipment was consist of furnace body, back and front furnace door, closed-loop continuous conveyor belt, automatic control and heating system. The core technology of this equipment is furnace body structure and high temperature resistance material. In order to avoiding tungsten powder oxidation should pass hydrogen to protect the products on furnace hearth. On the other hand, in order to avoiding molybdenum wire oxidation should pass nitrogen into furnace hearth to protect molybdenum wire. However, due to the special technology, there are higher requirements on heat preservation structure of furnace hearth and assembling furnace tube. The tube of furnace should use high temperature resistance material aluminum oxide (purity more than 97.3%) after molding to produce.

High temperature molybdenum wire technology researching
Molybdenum is kind of high melting point and high strength metal. Adding suitable particle and small amount of rare earth element through powder metallurgy and press working methods to produce high temperature molybdenum plate, rod, wire. Due to they has low duc-tile-to-brittle and high recrystallization (above 1800℃) so after high temperature annealing and recrystallization annealing these products show great mechanical properties and processing property which can widely use in industry, national defense, electric and other fields.

High temperature molybdenum wire overcome molybdenum wire brittle failure shortage and enlarge the service life, improving the combination property so it favored by the majority of users. In recent years, the purchased in the domestic market is great and has great prosect. At the present, same domestic industry scientific and technical workers are actively developing high temperature molybdenum series products. Form above reason we mentioned should find a reasonable, feasible, economic manufacturing technique which is the most important thing for high temperature molybdenum wire producing.